Dear Adoptive Parents,

There is something I want you to know, and I am unashamedly going to steal a line from NBC’s Parenthood’s patriarch, Zeek Braverman, to do it. “I hear you, and I see you.” I hear you. I hear your earnest, heart-filled desires to bring children into your homes. You pour out your hearts to God. You ask for wisdom, for guidance. Sometimes you are asking God for direction because you are unable to have children of your own. Sometimes, your families do not feel complete until your adopted son or daughter is busy growing up alongside your biological children, their … Continue reading Dear Adoptive Parents,

Show Up

Let me tell you about my best girlfriends.  I have known Kristin, Jenn, Katey, Lorilyn, and Kara for 17 years. Some of these girls met earlier in life, but I happened to stumble upon these group of women when I was 14. At 14, you’re incredibly vulnerable. You are challenging the world, figuring out your opinions on just about anything. At 20, you think you know what you are doing, but in reality, you don’t. At 25, life looked different for all of us. Two were married, one was dating, one was in school, one was trying to get into a … Continue reading Show Up

I’ll Put the Kettle On

One of my favorite parts about growing up in a British-American household has been the art of drinking tea. I call it an art because there are several steps to enjoying a good cup of tea: boiling the water, “warming the teapot”- this consists of taking a little of the piping hot water and swirling it inside of the teapot and then leaving that water in the teapot before adding your tea and the rest of the boiling water, making sure everyone’s tea is to their liking (milk, no sugar, thanks), allowing the tea to steep for just the right … Continue reading I’ll Put the Kettle On

2016: My Year of …

The other day, my wise, dear friend Chara challenged a group of women I share life with to participate in a #oneword365 activity. She said, “Think and pray over one word you feel like God is leading you toward for 2016.” Activities like these always seem to scare me a little. Last year, God laid on my heart the word LEAD. It was fun to see how God used me in varying leadership roles. As 2015 wrapped up, I spent the week prior to New Years praying. I really tried to avoid this word, but it kept coming up again … Continue reading 2016: My Year of …

30 Before 30 – The Final List

Here I am, 50 or so minutes away from the end of my 20s. I don’t mean to sound all dramatic, but somehow the first sentence of this post does. I’ve accomplished quite a bit of this list. I still didn’t finish everything, and you know what? I AM OKAY WITH IT. More to look forward to in my 30s. Get a nursing job. Completely realistic, not to mention necessary!Started a school nurse job January 13th, 2014! My first real job, with benefits and everything. The kiddos are adorable, I love working with community resources, and my coworkers are wonderful. … Continue reading 30 Before 30 – The Final List

On Being Single

I’ve been contemplating writing this post for quite some time. It makes me a little nervous to write about my relationship status (or lack thereof). It’s personal, and frankly my philosophy for sharing my being single has been on a need-to-know basis only. It’s for me to know, and you to find out. I think it keeps the mystery alive. However, in the spirit of obeying God, and living my life based upon faith, not fear, I’ve decided to write about my experience of singleness as a young woman in her twenties. Let’s start back before my twenties, actually. In … Continue reading On Being Single

30 Before 30, 3 Months In

So, I am 3, er almost 4, months into my ’30 Before 30′ challenge. Some items I have already accomplished/checked off, others are a work in progress. Some I may not end up following through with … I have approximately 8 months to complete the list, so here’s hoping! I’ll re-post my list and then cross off/explain what I have completed, etc. Get a nursing job. Completely realistic, not to mention necessary! Started a school nurse job January 13th, 2014! My first real job, with benefits and everything. The kiddos are adorable, I love working with community resources, and my coworkers … Continue reading 30 Before 30, 3 Months In

30 Before 30

A few days ago, my dear older, smart, silly, handsome, best friend of a brother turned 30. This baffles my mind because I vividly remember spending all of our childhood being chums, which continued into our teens, and onto our 20s. We’re still buddies, and this week he embraced a new decade. Being that I am 12 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days younger than him, I have about a year left of my twenties. 29! What a strange age. I’m in between so many things in my life, and I know I am not alone. That said, I have … Continue reading 30 Before 30

Water Your Own Grass

A few weeks ago, I went out to dessert with one of my best friends in all the world. We used to be roommates but then she met the love of her life, got engaged, then married, and I moved back home with my parents. We were sitting in a delightful restaurant, savoring our tasty treats, sipping on coffee, and doing what ladies do best-chatting the night away. As we caught up on life, I had the opportunity to share with her what God had been teaching me lately: “Water your own grass.” Before you write me off as a … Continue reading Water Your Own Grass