30 Before 30

30 Before 30

A few days ago, my dear older, smart, silly, handsome, best friend of a brother turned 30. This baffles my mind because I vividly remember spending all of our childhood being chums, which continued into our teens, and onto our 20s. We’re still buddies, and this week he embraced a new decade. Being that I am 12 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days younger than him, I have about a year left of my twenties. 29! What a strange age. I’m in between so many things in my life, and I know I am not alone. That said, I have decided to create a list of 30 goals/things I’d like to complete before I’m 30.

I’m not going crazy with this- just putting down attainable items. Hope you enjoy. I plan to update this list from time to time, when I cross off items completed.

  1. Get a nursing job. Completely realistic, not to mention necessary!
  2. Run another 5K. Fun runs make exercise much more enjoyable.
  3. Start paying my student loans. This girl has some debt. I’d like to make it smaller.
  4. Think before I buy clothes, makeup, shoes. Time to wise-up on my spending habits.
  5. Travel somewhere new. Always on my list.
  6. Make it over to NJ to visit my 30-year-old brother & my sis-in-law.
  7. Regularly check the oil level on my car. I forget too easily.
  8. Read a really interesting biography.
  9. Read an intriguing fiction novel.
  10. Write to my Grandma in England every month. I don’t write enough.
  11. Send out 5 handwritten notes to friends or family.
  12. Go out on a fancy date- the kind where I get all gussied up. It just sounds fun.
  13. Master the art of baking a cake from scratch.
  14. Learn to cook something tasty and new.
  15. Explore Salem more. Find somewhere new to enjoy in my hometown.
  16. Figure out how to work my Nikon camera.
  17. Try a snow sport, other than tubing. Snow shoeing, skiing, snowboarding. Never have!
  18. Get out and use my kayak at least 5 times. When the weather is decent, of course.
  19. Perhaps follow through with my tattoo I’ve always been meaning to get.
  20. Learn to crochet.
  21. Go out to eat at Portland City Grill during happy hour. I want to see those views.
  22. Discover a new band/artist to listen to.
  23. Find a devotional and delve in. If you have suggestions, let me know.
  24. Serve at church regularly. Tithe regularly.
  25. Refinish my coffee table that is currently sitting in my parents’ attic.
  26. Go to a brewery I’ve never been to before.
  27. Go wine tasting again. It’s been a few years. Take some girlfriends, and go!
  28. Pick out and print some of my thousands of digital pictures.
  29. Be motivated by faith, not fear. Be prepared to give an example of this somehow.
  30. Write this blog with intention. Share what God has been sharing with me.

30 before 30. It’ll be fascinating to see how this all unfolds in the next year, especially if I’ll complete these items. Some may seem strange, but I’m a little strange, and I like a good challenge. Here’s to my last year of my 20s!

Original blog post dated 12/06/13

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