To My Mum, On Mother’s Day

Dear Mum,

I love celebrating you today. You are perfectly created to be the woman most valued in my life. God knew what He was doing when He picked you for me. I love that we are mother and daughter, and now, even more, friends. You are the first person I want to call when I am upset or when I have accomplished something great. You encourage me, pray for me, and guide me. Your work as a nurse has been inspiring- so much so, two of your children have followed in your footsteps career-wise. Your bubbly spirit is infectious, and joy is evident in your life.

Winter 1987

Today, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being my person. You just get me, and I don’t have to explain myself when I’m with you. The best compliment I can receive is when someone says, “You’re just like your mother.” I love you so much Mum. Happy day to you!

Original blog posted 05/08/16

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