Goodbye 32, Hello 33

  I’m writing this post on Christmas Eve, but when it goes live, I’ll be 33. 32 is my favorite number, so I knew heading into this past birthday year, I’d mature a little more emotionally and intellectually, deepen in my faith, and explore the world a little further. I’ve loved most moments of 32, and thought I’d share with you some of my highlights. Visiting England (again!) and Italy. Holy moly. Viva Italia! Trip of a lifetime with my Aunty’s family and my own family. We explored Tuscany for a week, and I cannot get over the food, views, … Continue reading Goodbye 32, Hello 33

Takeaway Tuesdays: Behold Your King

I love the Lauren Daigle song “Behold”. Any Christmas song that speaks about waiting for something long desired speaks volumes to my heart. I normally make Takeaway Tuesday prints with Scripture, but I’ve made an exception for the month of December. I hope this image reminds you that Emmanuel, meaning God with us, loves you so very much. Click here for a free 8.5*11 print. Continue reading Takeaway Tuesdays: Behold Your King