Goodbye 32, Hello 33

Goodbye 32,Hello 33 (8)

I’m writing this post on Christmas Eve, but when it goes live, I’ll be 33. 32 is my favorite number, so I knew heading into this past birthday year, I’d mature a little more emotionally and intellectually, deepen in my faith, and explore the world a little further. I’ve loved most moments of 32, and thought I’d share with you some of my highlights.

  • Visiting England (again!) and Italy. Holy moly. Viva Italia! Trip of a lifetime with my Aunty’s family and my own family. We explored Tuscany for a week, and I cannot get over the food, views, and culture. I look forward to returning one day!

Riomaggiore, the first village in the Cinque Terre if you head North

  • Meeting my niece, Brooklyn Grace. My brother and sis-in-law welcomed her in July, and she is just the happiest of babes.
  • Writing for Anchored Voices monthly. If practice makes perfect, by golly I need to practice oodles more when it comes to my writing. Some months the words seem to leap onto the page, and some months I got a little stuck. I even missed a deadline or two this past year, and had to learn that space in the creative process of anything is needed from time to time. I developed a love for designing prints of Scripture as well.
  • Challenging myself career-wise. I studied for my National School Nurse Certification with two other friends/coworkers, and ventured about an hour away to take the 200 question exam. We then had to wait about a month before the results were mailed- in a digital era, let me tell you: this is torturous! Thankfully, I passed. In June I went with 4 friends/coworkers to a school nurse conference in San Diego. It was a fun and informative trip, filled with delicious meals, and that perfect 70 degree F sunshine. I also completed my fourth year as a school nurse, and I no longer feel like a novice. I know I have a long career ahead of me as a nurse, and this first job has been the truest blessing.

Visiting the Bob Hope statue, Navy Pier, San Diego with Beth & Janis

  • Learning to slow down, and submerse myself in the present, especially in my faith. I am learning to listen more, and talk less when it comes to my relationship with God. To read Scripture with expectant eyes. Emulate Jesus more- seek justice, and truth. Be peaceful and hope-filled. Look for opportunities to serve others, sacrificially and with a joyful heart. Pray without ceasing. Be okay with unanswered prayers- God is always working things out for my good. Ask God for His highest and best in all circumstances.

32 was a wonderful year, filled with family, friends, and God. I look forward to 33, or my Jesus birthday. I am anticipating more travel, time with friends and family near and far. I look forward to learning more about God, and life in general. Thanks for reflecting with me on year 32- I truly think life gets better, richer, as I age.

Goodbye 32, Hello 33!

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