Takeaway Tuesdays: Joshua 1:8

I’m currently on Spring Break, meaning this post is a day late! It’s really Wednesday, not Tuesday. But hopefully you won’t mind this free print being a day late.

I’m still really enjoying The Bible Recap podcast and reading along through the Old Testament. I’m fully surprised and encouraged at the breadth and depth of the words BEFORE Jesus.

We are currently in the book of Joshua. The Israelites have been freed from captivity, they have faithfully followed God and Moses through the desert, and now, they are delivered into the promise land.

In Joshua 1, verse 8, God’s people are told to meditate on his word, day and night. It is only after that they will succeed and prosper in all they do. I don’t think God means know my Word and they you get all that you want.

I believe that God means when you know my Word, your heart will change. Your desires will align with God’s desires, and prospering and succeeding will be on His terms.

It doesn’t mean that the Israelites will be wealthy in their own eyes. Their wealth will be rooted in Him. And, like the Israelites, if we meditate on God’s word, we won’t necessarily see material blessings.

Our blessings will be knowing Him more. Our ways will be replaced with His ways. And His ways are so much better anyway. They always lead to peace, and truth, and deliverance.

Let’s meditate on His word friends. Let’s fill up our hearts and minds with His truth. Let’s allow our brains to overflow with thoughts of Him, and then, truly then, we will succeed and prosper.

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