Takeaway Tuesdays: Psalm 42:5

Hello lovely readers! It is the week of Easter. As we approach Good Friday, and then soon after, Easter Sunday, let’s remember. Let’s remember God’s goodness to us. Let’s remember where our hope lies. Click here to download this simple, truthful reminder.

Takeaway Tuesdays: 1 Peter 2:9-10

I am currently taking a leadership class through my church, and I’m working my way through 4 weeks worth of homework. Yesterday, I caught up with some of the Scripture reading, and this particular verse really resonated with me. So, here it is. Happy downloading my sweet friends. Click here for your FREE 8.5*11 print.

Takeaway Tuesdays: Ephesians 3:20-21

Let’s dwell on another piece of Scripture. This one is from Ephesians 3, verses 20-21. Click here to download this Takeaway Tuesday FREE print.

Dreams From the Threshing Floor, Part 2

To write this specific blog post, I am taking a risk. A vulnerable risk. I only ask that you read my words with care and tenderness, and keep in mind I am still living these words on a daily basis. Last summer, I wrote on Anchored Voices a blog post titled “Dreams From the Threshing…

Takeaway Tuesdays: 1 Peter 5:7

Lovely readers, I have fallen in love … with making Bible verses into pieces of art. I am such a visual person, that I am declaring that Tuesdays are ‘Takeaway Tuesdays‘. 1-2 times a month, on Tuesdays, I am going to post a free downloadable print. Frame ’em, put them on your fridge, give one…

2016: My Year of Yes

At the beginning of the year, my dear friend Chara challenged a group of our gal pals to pray over a word for the year. I prayed, and God put on my heart “YES.” What the heck, God? That word freaked me out just a little. What was He going to ask of me this…

Waiting at Christmastime

Confession: Christy Nockel’s Thrill of Hope Christmas album has been on repeat in my car since the beginning of November. The Advent Hymn, specifically, resonates with my heart in a time of waiting. Christ whose glory fills the skies Christ the everlasting light The sum of righteousness arise And triumph o’re these shades of night…

Dear Adoptive Parents,

There is something I want you to know, and I am unashamedly going to steal a line from NBC’s Parenthood’s patriarch, Zeek Braverman, to do it. “I hear you, and I see you.” I hear you. I hear your earnest, heart-filled desires to bring children into your homes. You pour out your hearts to God….

Show Up

Let me tell you about my best girlfriends.  I have known Kristin, Jenn, Katey, Lorilyn, and Kara for 17 years. Some of these girls met earlier in life, but I happened to stumble upon these group of women when I was 14. At 14, you’re incredibly vulnerable. You are challenging the world, figuring out your opinions…

I’ll Put the Kettle On

One of my favorite parts about growing up in a British-American household has been the art of drinking tea. I call it an art because there are several steps to enjoying a good cup of tea: boiling the water, “warming the teapot”- this consists of taking a little of the piping hot water and swirling…