Goodbye 32, Hello 33

  I’m writing this post on Christmas Eve, but when it goes live, I’ll be 33. 32 is my favorite number, so I knew heading into this past birthday year, I’d mature a little more emotionally and intellectually, deepen in my faith, and explore the world a little further. I’ve loved most moments of 32, and thought I’d share with you some of my highlights. Visiting England (again!) and Italy. Holy moly. Viva Italia! Trip of a lifetime with my Aunty’s family and my own family. We explored Tuscany for a week, and I cannot get over the food, views, … Continue reading Goodbye 32, Hello 33

Takeaway Tuesdays: Behold Your King

I love the Lauren Daigle song “Behold”. Any Christmas song that speaks about waiting for something long desired speaks volumes to my heart. I normally make Takeaway Tuesday prints with Scripture, but I’ve made an exception for the month of December. I hope this image reminds you that Emmanuel, meaning God with us, loves you so very much. Click here for a free 8.5*11 print. Continue reading Takeaway Tuesdays: Behold Your King

Takeaway Tuesdays: Hebrews 13:2

I love Fall, ya’ll. Sweaters, boots, pumpkin baked goodies. Tea and coffee galore. Dinner with friends. As I’m thinking about Fall, and how it begins on Friday, I am prone to think about gatherings. Fall is the quintessential time of year to gather in our homes, for it naturally hosts holidays such as Thanksgiving. This Fall, I’m challenged and reminded to be hospitable to my fellow neighbor. This may mean someone who thinks completely differently than me, and that’s okay. There is beauty in gathering together. Let’s not forget that hospitality is not just for those gifted in it, but … Continue reading Takeaway Tuesdays: Hebrews 13:2

Takeaway Tuesday: Exodus 33:18

I just listened to Annie Down’s podcast That Sounds Fun. The specific episode I finished had guest John Mark Comer, who is a Portland pastor/author. I so enjoyed this episode and loved how he shared about millennials (given I am one of those peeps), the post-modern church, Portland, and the like. One of my big takeaways from the podcast was the prayer John Mark suggests that the listeners pray, specifically echoing Exodus 33:18. In this passage, Moses is asking God to show him his glory, or reveal who God is in totality. I love that. I want to know ALL … Continue reading Takeaway Tuesday: Exodus 33:18