2016: My Year of Yes

  At the beginning of the year, my dear friend Chara challenged a group of our gal pals to pray over a word for the year. I prayed, and God put on my heart “YES.” What the heck, God? That word freaked me out just a little. What was He going to ask of me this year, 2016? I’m going to bullet point what I’ve learned this year because everyone loves a good list, right? Yes to doing hard things. One of my best friends Jenn asked me to join the gym with her in February. I had been a … Continue reading 2016: My Year of Yes

I’ll Put the Kettle On

One of my favorite parts about growing up in a British-American household has been the art of drinking tea. I call it an art because there are several steps to enjoying a good cup of tea: boiling the water, “warming the teapot”- this consists of taking a little of the piping hot water and swirling it inside of the teapot and then leaving that water in the teapot before adding your tea and the rest of the boiling water, making sure everyone’s tea is to their liking (milk, no sugar, thanks), allowing the tea to steep for just the right … Continue reading I’ll Put the Kettle On