Takeaway Tuesdays: Genesis 30:22

At the beginning of 2019 quite a few of my friends, including my community group at church, embarked on the daily journey of reading our way through the Bible in a year. We are following the Bible Recap’s podcast and Scripture reading plan, created by Tara-Leigh Cobble. I’ve read through the Bible several times before, but this year, it’s different. The Bible Recap’s plan goes through the Bible chronologically.

This past month, I’ve already seen God moving in my heart, stirring up untruths and setting them free with truth. I’ve seen God use His word to let me know I am seen, heard, and loved. One particular night, I was reading in Genesis 30, which unfolds the story of Jacob and his two wives Rachel and Leah. At this point in their story, Rachel was distressed. She badly wanted children, and her sister, Leah, seemingly had no problem producing children for Jacob.

Rachel’s heart grew bitter, and weary. And just as she thought she would never have children, God remembered her. He listened to her prayers, and allowed her to become pregnant.

As I read this passage of Scripture, I couldn’t help but tear up. God remembered Rachel, and He remembers me. On the same night, I read a chapter from Lysa Terkeurst’s book, It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way.

She shared, “God loves me too much to answer my prayers at any other time than the right time and in any other way than the right way.”

The Holy Spirit graciously and tenderly spoke to my heart, using both Genesis 30, and Lysa’s book. I love when God says, “Hi precious daughter. Listen closely, I have something to share with you: I’m here, I’m working on your behalf. I’m listening to your prayers. I remember you.”

This month, Takeaway Tuesday’s verse comes from Genesis 30:22. Friend, print it out, and let it remind you that God remembers you, and your needs. He knows your desires and is working on your behalf.

Takeaway Tuesdays: Psalm 3:3

I love the Fall. It is my favorite time of year. I love the changing of the colors, the beginning of the school year (as a school nurse, I get to experience this over and over again with every year that passes). Basically all the “fally” things make my heart swoon. I’ve created this month’s Takeaway Tuesday with a Fall theme. And even though Fall brings about change, God’s character does not shift with the seasons. He is steady; He is our shield (our protector), and the One we can rest in when everything else changes. Let your hearts be encouraged by this friends.

Psalm 3_3 (1).png

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Takeaway Tuesdays: Hebrews 4:9-11

This month’s Takeaway Tuesday free print is inspired by a really great book I read this summer, Soul Rest, by Curtis Zackery. He encourages us to return to Sabbath, or rest that recharges us—causing us to recenter our hearts, and enter into communion with God.

I highly recommend this book, and I have been inspired to take time once per week to rest and recharge, and spend time with God in my own way. Some times it looks like family dinners, sometimes it is spent with friends. Other times it is spent taking things slowly and taking a nap. My “Sabbath” is usually on Sundays because church is already on this day, but it by no means has to be from sun down Saturday night to sun down Sunday night. The best part about Sabbath, to me, is the freedom in how I choose to enter into communion with God. I am loving my time knowing more about Him and His people.

The print I created for this month is to encourage you to think about setting aside time to Sabbath yourself. I highly recommend this weekly rhythm.

Hebrews4911 (1).png

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Takeaway Tuesdays: 1 John 3:16

I love the summer months when I get to go on adventures to different places. This summer I visited family in both Maryland and England. And though traveling is one of my favorite activities, I can’t help feel “home” when I attend my church of 11 years, Outward Church. This morning’s message was on 1 John 3:16. I was encouraged by Pastor Matt’s words, especially, “If there’s action-oriented love in your life, there’s evidence of your love for God.” I created August’s Takeaway Tuesday based upon this passage. I hope you enjoy this free print.

1 John 316.png

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Takeaway Tuesdays: Proverbs 16:24

This post isn’t on a Tuesday. I know I’m breaking my own rules, but I honestly almost forgot to create a print for this month. You know when you can’t help but think there’s something you were needing to do, but can’t quite remember the task? I’ve realized I’m out of Tuesdays for the month of April, so I’m adding this free print in on a Saturday.

I’ve finished reading through the book of Proverbs. Such astuteness from Solomon. Here’s one of my favorites (although I have many in Proverbs). Let’s speak gracious words to one another.


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