Takeaway Tuesdays: Psalm 71:14

Needing a little hope and encouragement? This month’s Takeaway Tuesday is for you. Print it out, memorize it. Let this verse uplift your heart and soul. Click here for a free print.

Takeaway Tuesdays: Psalm 42:5

Hello lovely readers! It is the week of Easter. As we approach Good Friday, and then soon after, Easter Sunday, let’s remember. Let’s remember God’s goodness to us. Let’s remember where our hope lies. Click here to download this simple, truthful reminder.

Takeaway Tuesdays: 1 Peter 5:7

Lovely readers, I have fallen in love … with making Bible verses into pieces of art. I am such a visual person, that I am declaring that Tuesdays are ‘Takeaway Tuesdays‘. 1-2 times a month, on Tuesdays, I am going to post a free downloadable print. Frame ’em, put them on your fridge, give one…